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European Career and Workforce Program

Would you like to start a career in Germany?

Through the strong cooperation initiated by the European Career and Workforce Unit of Istanbul Kultur University within the framework of the Germany Career and Workforce Program in the fall semester of 2021/2022, vocational school and university graduates targeting a career goal in Germany from all over our country are offered training seminars, preparing for the German labor market, both at Istanbul Kultur University and at the project partner “Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen” in Celle/Germany.

Besides, it will be possible to increase employment opportunities of the successful seminar participants through their consensual registration in the portfolio of “elemanya personnel and company consultancy GmbH”, one of the project partners, which has an Office in Berlin. In addition, related support can be obtained from an expert law office involved in the project on visa and residence processes.

What is the purpose of the Germany Career and Workforce Program?

This strong cooperation program aims to reduce the qualified personnel shortage in Germany and at the same time to offer opportunities for qualified personnel from Turkey.

Participant Opinions...

ALKİP Participants of Phase 1 first round seminars answered our questions.

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